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Cape Winelands

The Winelands of South Africa have been described as the most beautiful in the world. No trip to the Cape is complete without a tour of, at least, one or two wine routes. An area of magnificent views, panoramic landscapes and towering cliffs, crystal-clear streams, an abundance of trees and indigenous flora, this is the largest of Western Cape’s three fruit and wine producing valleys. A heavily cultivated region, graced with orchards, vineyards and wheat lands, it is surrounded by mountains, the higher peaks of which are heavily capped with snow in winter. You will find majestic mountains, vine covered valleys, quaint villages, cosmopolitan towns, wine, food, art, culture, sport and much more. Nature lovers and those seeking tranquility, sparkling air and fruit off the tree, need look no further than this lovely valley.

 It is surely one of the most fertile farming areas. The area is rich in the ingredients a vintner needs to create noble wines.

Cool summer breezes blow in off the sea, chill winters provide rest for the vines and a fertile, lime-rich soil nourishes the future pleasures of people around the world.

Springs beautiful still days are ideal for a hot-air balloon ride over the large granite outcrops of Paarl rock, for taking long winding walks in the regions vineyards, or attending one of the annual festivals.

Summer brings along sunny days, days to enjoy a bottle of the regions fine sparkling wine on top of a mountain side, admiring the sunset, time to enjoy a concert or two in one of the amphitheatres or to picnic on a wine estate under an old oak centennial or sample some of the country’s finest cuisine in restaurants and eateries that compare to the best in the world. The rich colours of Autumn make it the ideal time to explore the history of the area.

Winter is stormy skies, warm fires, red wine and a good book. Time to shop, to browse through museums and galleries, or just relax in an aroma filled coffee shop.

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