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About us

iTOUR holds the road map to the Hidden treasures of the Western cape. It is a specialist tour operator that offers a comprehensive selection of golf destinations, guided tours, self drive tours, boat cruises, adventure travel and accommodation across South Africa and Mauritius.

iTOUR is owned and managed by Zaahid Sylvester, born in Strand, the seaside paradise of Cape Town.  Zaahid has been part of the hospitality industry for more than 12 years and an operating tour guide for the last 9 years and has an intimate knowledge of the country.

iTour has a diverse group of qualified, enthusiastic tour guides, who are passionate about sharing South Africa with others.  We ensure that our clients receive in depth knowledge of their destination through employing of local tour guides in each province of South Africa. With our expertise and attention to detail we can recommend golf courses, attractions, sightseeing and adventures to make your holiday memorable.

We tailor our services and packages to suit the needs and budgets of our clients.

The iTOUR team shall make you feel at home and when you leave… It will be as a friend.

iTOUR Philosophy…

What we are committed to promote is that each client feels the spirit of our culture in its natural environment, enjoy our unique customs and discover the full variety of our beautiful landscapes, through professional yet personal service.

Why iTOUR comes highly recommended?

  • Time and Money Saving:
    As a tour operator we can save you time with planning your stay and providing valuable information about the destinations and activities our country has to offer. Your personal guide will take you to the right places at the right time. He/she will conduct the tour in a way to avoid traffic jams leaving you with more time to explore thus more value for money…No getting lost, no wrong lane driving.
  • Customisable & Flexibility:
    We have a wide range of travel options and itineraries. During your holiday you shall see, visit and experience what is important to you. You may choose to have joint tours or private tours. Individual or group holidays.
  • Knowledge:
    Your tour shall be conducted with an educated and accredited tour guide. You shall have the chance to interact with a local and have an informative tour very different from some larger bus tours with tons of irrelevant and unnecessary information.
  • Safety:
    Every major city has its dangerous spots. You shall be advised against any areas that pose threats and we shall take necessary precaution to keep you safe. You shall be driven in well- maintained air-conditioned vehicles. The company credentials for all our working partners have been checked and verified, we can guarantee that they are of high standard.
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